Tuesday, 17.04.18 - Bucharest

Conference: "NATO and the West. A new Strategic Concept?"

The mandate, purpose and direction of the North Atlantic Alliance are currently being scrutinized by the global community. Is the world order as we know it about to fundamentally be altered and entering a new stage? Is the Alliance prepared to deal with the ever evolving hybrid threats it is facing? These are just a few of the questions that have been addressed at a conference organized by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Romania and the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration(SNSPA) on April 17th in Bucharest.

Starting point of the discussion was a recently launched FES-paper on "What Remains of the West? – Quo Vadis NATO?" authored by Helmut W. Ganser, Wulf Lapins and Detlef Puhl.


The speakers at the event included Stephan Meuser, Friedrich-Ebert- Stiftung (FES) Representative for Romania and the Republic of Moldova, Remus Pricopie, Rector of the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration; Detlef Puhl, Former Senior NATO Advisor; Brigadier General (ret.) Helmut W. Ganser, former official of the Ministry of Defence, Germany, Ana Tinca, Director for Strategic Policies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Romania; and Gen (ret.) Mihail Ionescu, Director of the Institute for POlitical Studies of Defense and Military History (ISPAIM), Ministry of National Defense, Romania. The ensuing debate was chaired by Prof. Vasile Secares, Chairman of the NATO Partnerships Studies Center.


The event was the first in a series meant to prepare the Bucharest Security Conference that will take place this September in the Romanian capital. Dialogue and collaboration are the cornerstones for a secure North Atlantic Community. By facilitating these dialog formats on foreign and security policy, BSC Dialogues makes an important contribution to the consolidation of NATO position in this region.


The FES paper can be downloaded here:

- in English: library.fes.de/pdf-files/id/ipa/14098.pdf

- in German: library.fes.de/pdf-files/id/ipa/14099.pdf

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