FES Alumni conference 2018

In a debate and dialogue format that has become a tradition FES Romania invites the graduates of its training programs from the past years to analyze together the fundamental coordinates of the moment Romania is in as a member of the European Union. Within just a few months our country will take for the first time over the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union.


Undoubtedly Romania takes over this presidency in a period of great turbulence. In a more and more interconnected Europe and world, but also in a more fragile political, economic and social context of uncertainties. We intend to carefully explore the possible scenarios for the evolution of the European Union in the years to come, considering the conditions of the UK's leaving the Union (Brexit), the visible change in the parameters of the transatlantic relationship and the internal political changes that the Western and Eastern European member states are going through. In addition, the European Union is currently going through a diffuse process of reflection on the options available for internal reform, a process from which Romania should not miss.

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