Friday, 10.10.14 to Friday, 10.10.14 - UBB Cluj-Napoca

The shale gas in US

The exploration of shale gas resources in Romania caused intense public debate and strong anti-fracking protests.

Against this background Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) invites to a FES Sustainable Romania Lecture with US shale gas expert Deborah Rogers to discuss questions such as:


What is the experience of other countries, namely the USA, in shale gas exploitation?

What is the impact on the economic development and competitiveness of the country?

What are the effects on the environment, on the local community and the public health?

To what extent are the lessons learned from the US experience transferable and applicable to Romania?



About the speaker


Deborah Rogers began her financial career in London working in investment banking. Read more (…)




Victoria Stoiciu, email: victoria(dot)stoiciu(at)fes(dot)ro, phone: 021 2110 982


Faculty of European Studies, Babes Bolyai University


Aula hall of the faculty of European Studies

Emanuel de Martonne street, no 1, Cluj Napoca

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