Monday, 10.11.14 to Monday, 10.11.14 - Impact Hub Bucharest

Green Capitalism or Social-Ecological Transformation? How to Implement New Modes of Production and Living

The current multiple crisis in Europe causes intense debates about strategies how to overcome it. Beside the neoliberal business-as-usual politics of austerity (and increasingly an authoritarian version of neoliberalism), two progressive projects emerge: The strategy towards a Green Economy – very prominent since the Rio+20 Conference in June 2012 - and strategies of a more comprehensive Social-Ecological Transformation. Both insist on the need to overcome not only the financial and economic crisis but also its ecological dimensions.

Ulrich Brand is going to introduce the two strategies and discusses them. He argues that the Green Economy proposal runs the danger to fall short and might lead to a sort of Green Capitalism. Social-Ecological Transformation goes beyond that but has the problem to be away from Realpolitik.


About the speaker


Ulrich Brand is doing research and teaches as professor for International Politics at the University of Vienna on the subjects like globalization and its critique as well as social-ecological transformation. Read more.






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